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Merry-Go-Round Poem

Merry Go Round from Inspire Me: Raw   The freedom of a carousel Excited a horse ride at Riverview Along ago pleasure - slips away                 -mer...View Details

Poetic Resurrection Episode 4 Perceptions of Joy with Barb Moses. An introspective view of how gratitude and self-acceptance affect Joy. Barb Moses is...View Details

This meditation can be listened to at any time and has a bohemian feel.  You can listen or repeat after each phrase Breathing in – breathing out The g...View Details

A reading of the poem “Subsequence” from Blues for French Roast with Chicory. We discuss the suffix “ess”, ageism and creativity and how it affects th...View Details

In this episode, we discuss perceptions of trauma and how our beliefs affect our behavior and emotional state. Alternative practices are addressed for...View Details

A reading of the poem Silhouette from Inspire Me: Perception and a commentary of the true story behind the traumatic poem. Silhouette A dark shadow ap...View Details

This meditation can be done at any time  Trauma meditation This affirmation meditation can be done at any time but is suggested to do it in a quiet pl...View Details

Hope Meditation

A 5-minute meditation on hope with affirmations coinciding with the podcast Perceptions of Hope. What is being hopeful? Waiting for an event or situat...View Details

Perceptions of Hope

Perceptions of Hope Here we are in 2021. It's a new beginning, let's start this year right.  What gives you hope? A change in belief systems? A change...View Details

Hello and welcome to the Poetic Resurrection podcast I'm your host Sonia Iris Lozada. In this podcast series, we will discuss various subjects about p...View Details

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