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In this week's episode, we have Sammy Ashe II. He performs a reading of his song "Enemy" sung by Fanesha Fabre. We listen to her singing it and find o...View Details

This week we discuss why thoughts contradict affirmations. They contradict because we state them but our subconscious mind isn’t believing it. i.e., I...View Details

This week our guest is Rick White author of Before & Beyond Understanding. We have a great discussion about grief, life, illness and acceptance of...View Details

This week we have Joachim Brackx. We discuss the self and how our perceptions play an important part in compassion, self-love, and acceptance. Joachim...View Details

Poetic Resurrection is honored to present Pulitzer Prize finalist, Puerto Rican poet Martin Espada for an intimate and informative conversation. Marti...View Details

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