This week our guest is the amazing Che'Rae Adams. We discuss what it takes to write a good story and how the story germinates from the soul. That inner voice drawing us to write our story. We discuss the concept sentence, the why of writing and even when we write a memoir or solo show there is a beginning, middle, and an end.

Che'Rae Adams is a teacher, director, producer, and dramaturg. She is passionate about writers and helping them to develop their work. In 2006 she started the LA Writers Center which is a membership company designed to germinate and foster new works by Los Angeles-based writers which involves not only the writer, but a team of artists: directors, dramaturges, and actors. Her goal was to provide writers with a safe and nurturing environment in which to read and workshop their work. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog Walter who is spoiled rotten and she would not have it any other way.


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